Kontakt.io Product Updates 2019-20 Infrastructure roadmap and recent strategic technology partnerships      

Simplifying Enterprise Location
Intelligence & IoT

Kontakt.io reduces the overall complexity and costs related to capturing and processing location data, making IoT as easy as consumer technologies.

Beacon Buyer's Guide

The extensive guide to selecting Bluetooth Low Energy hardware for your project

Meet Simon
the operational experience platform

Discover Kontakt.io's new solution offering for operational environments. Find out how Simon helps improve productivity and safety with AI-driven recommendations.

#1 Bluetooth LE and
Location Experts Globally

1.5m+ devices deployed across a customer base of 20,000+ early adopters, globally


Industries Most Scalable
Cloud Platform

Hardware agnostic, modular and open device management platform


Adaptive Location

Technology agnostic zonal and xy location using proprietary location algorithms


Plug & Play Setup
for Rapid Deployments

Solutions designed to work out-of-the-box, one-day installations and limited-to-zero calibration needed


World Class Partner

50+ technology partners, integrations, and alliances with key solution partners and major access point providers


Lowest Total Cost
of Ownership

An IoT location infrastructure at ⅕ of the cost of alternative enterprise technologies

Select your vertical

Improving performance and utilization of key assets by analyzing data and automating workflows.

Connecting patients to doctors to inventory to facility managers, ensuring compliance and the best care possible.

Enabling stores, airports, hotels, schools, and other venues to become interactive and data-driven like their online counterparts.

Unlock the full potential of all location-based applications

Asset & People

Track and analyze the location and flow of your assets and staff to reduce search times, optimize asset utilization and overall performance.


Monitor temperature, humidity, and other factors in specified areas to comply with your industry standards and ensure high quality of handled goods.

People Safety & Security

Locate anyone at your venue and get real-time alerts when they are in emergency situations so you can instantly determine whom and where to help.


Engage with your customers when and where it matters the most through location-based content, loyalty programs, and targeted offers.


Make it easy for your visitors to navigate the space and quickly find specific rooms, people, or products using interactive maps on their smartphones.

Join the global community of 20,000+ customers

Whether you’re looking for an end-to-end solution for your own company or an infrastructure to build upon for your clients, you can be sure Kontakt.io will help you unlock full business potentials with a simple, modular, and fast-to-deploy solution trusted by thousands of businesses around the world.

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